How buying works?
By News Manager / 7 August 2014 / News

This week Leonie and Sue our ground floor clothing collections supervisor have been out 'buying'. They are currently planning and buying for the Spring/Summer of 2015. It's often quite strange buying 1-2 seasons ahead but as you know from magazines, designers are always a step or 2 ahead. It can be quite strange looking at woolly jumpers when we're having a heat wave!

Early on in the year we receive information about the new styles and colourways (colour schemes).

As a team we review all the information, prices and aim to match the new products to our existing customers although we are now trying to review what our customers want on a more regular basis.

Once our financial planning (in other words all the dull bits), takes place, we have an idea of the sort of things we can look at in the ranges.

Sometimes we deal directly with the clothing manufacturers and sometimes agents work on their behalf.

The 'buying time' can be quite tight and is a really busy period for us. Often we can be in Manchester or London where we will actually go to review the products and pick out our planned purchases.

Keep your eyes open for the new arrivals we're receiving at the moment that will grace the shelves for Autumn and bear in mind that we chose these ranges last year!

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