Penn Hill
By Alice">Alice / 7 November 2018 / Alice's Blog

The centre piece of Charlotte's new window is Penn Hill out of carpets this is the inspiration behind it... 

'For the new window I have tried to depict Penn Hill out of carpet from the ranges of our new carpet brands Westex and Cormar.

Westex have a whole spectrum of colours available within their carpet ranges: Westend Velvet, Silken Velvet, Ultima Twist and Natural Loop carpets, all of which I have used within the display. As you can see they have some lovely tones of green which I have used within the display to represent the green fields on Penn Hill.

Cormar are a fashion led brand and change their colours regularly to keep up with the current trends.  Currently Cormar's carpets are neutral beige's and grey's with hues of purple and greens which was perfect for the heathery tops of Penn Hill. 

Even the sheep have loop wool carpet coats!' 

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