Christmas ribbon decorations.
By Alice">Alice / 9 November 2018 / Alice's Blog

To make this fun Christmas tree ribbon decoration the items you will need are:

Ribbon (about 3 meters depending on how big you would like it), thread, two different coloured beads (3 for the trunk and 20-30 for the top), a needle and scissors. 

1) Thread up the needle, then you need to thread three of the brown beads on the bottom for the trunk of the tree.

2) Fold the ribbon back on its self to make a loop and then add a golden bead on top sealing the loop down. 

3) Continue to fold the ribbon in half to keep making loops, but every loop going up make shorter to give it that tree effect. Also keep adding the golden beads after every loop to seal them in. This will be fiddly at first as the ribbon will want to move and flop around, I found it easier to work with thinner ribbon. 

4) When you have got to your preferred height fold the ribbon right then left and pull the needle and thread through to seal it off, and add one or two golden beads on the top to finish off the tree. Make sure to knot it and leave enough thread to hand it on your real Christmas tree. 

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