The Perfect Pom Pom Wreath
By Emma">Emma / 10 December 2018 / Alice's Blog

Are you looking for a wreath that’s a bit different this year but not wanting to shell out tens of pounds just for something to hang on your door? If that’s the case why not make your own?!

If you’ve got some time on your hands, perhaps on an evening in front of the TV it’s time to start pom pom making! Now, depending on the look you’re after, chances are you’re going to need a lot so why not make it a family task? Set the kids away winding their wool around a simple cardboard ring and you’ll have your wreath made in no time.

Here’s some directions for creating the perfect pom pom door display.

First of all you’ll need to get started on the all important pom poms! We recommend making them in a range of sizes and colours to make sure your wreath doesn’t look too uniform.

1. Draw two circles on cardboard, slightly larger than what you would like your pom-pom to be.  In each of the circles draw a small circle in the middle. Proceed to cut them out-they should look lie donuts.

2. Place the two cardboard circles on top of each other and use a slip knot to attach your wool to the circles. This will also double up your wool so that you can wrap a little faster.

3. Wrap the wool around the cardboard circle pulling the wool through the centre.  Continue until you have covered the entire circle 1.5 times to ensure your pom pom is full.

4. To cut the wool loops, use the space between the cardboard circles as a guide as to where to cut (i.e., place your scissors in between the circles and cut all the way around).

5. Once the loops are all cut secure them together by tying a piece of wool around them in the centre of the cardboard circles. Make sure this length of wool is long enough to secure your pom poms to your base. Once secure, pull off the cardboard circles.

6. You should end up with a perfectly round pom-pom that needs none to very little trimming.

Assemble your wreath

Once you have created an abundance of pom pom’s it’s time to attach them to a suitable base. We would recommend a polystyrene or wooden ring- its not too important how it looks as your pom poms will cover it. Gather your pom poms and use the excess wool ends to tie them to the ring or alternatively, use a glue gun to secure them.

There’s so many ways to very your design. Why not add in some glitter coated polystyrene balls to add some sparkle to your wreath? You could even hang a Christmas ornament in the centre ready to greet your guests, Take a look at some of the designs below and see what you can come up with!


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