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By Emma">Emma / 19 January 2019 / News

Buttons-we’d be lost without them in our daily lives and that’s just why we stock a sizeable collection for you to pop in and pick up for all of your emergency repairs!

But surely its not just us that ends up hoarding a collection of spare buttons from new clothes we buy which then do a disappearing act as soon as they’re needed? Well rather than letting your collection of buttons outlive the majority of your wardrobe why don’t you turn them into some eye-catching artwork-the possibilities are endless!

Here’s just a few project ideas to start you off and don’t forget to pop into our haberdashery department to pick up any extra supplies you might need and gain some inspiration from our art enthusiasts Charlotte and Rachel!

Give an old lamp a refresh by adorning the shade with buttons! It’s as simple as attaching your collection with a strong craft glue and leaving to dry. We would recommend working from the edges inwards to ensure you don’t have any ill-fitting buttons that could be easily caught and dislodged.

Got a new arrival in the family and want to create a personal present to congratulate the new parents? All you need is a simple photo frame or box frame, a piece of card or paper and buttons in your chosen colour. Simply fashion some tiny footprints-or whatever design you like-on your paper and add a personalised message. Place into your frame ready to be given to the new parents, they make the perfect nursery wall decorations!


Have you forgotten to pick up a card for a special occasion? In that case it could be buttons to the rescue! Here’s just a few ideas to help you out of a sticky situation. Get creative and incorporate buttons in a design to suit any occasion!



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