How To Choose the Perfect Blinds
By Emma">Emma / 20 March 2019 / News

Blinds can transform a room-that’s something we’re sure of thanks to our customers reactions! But there’s so many options from Roman to Roller, Venetian to Vertical-where on earth do you start on choosing the perfect ones for your home? Here’s a few pointers to get you started and our design team are on hand to help you thorough-even if you’re just in need of a bit of advice.

1.     Measuring Up

Inside or outside the recess? Cut the jargon and this basically means would you prefer your blinds to sit as close to the window as possible or hang outside your window recess. Inside is perfect for smaller windows and if you’ve opted to add curtains too, whereas outside suits large windows as they block out more light. While this sounds like a daunting decision it’s a vital one. If you aren’t sure we’ll come and help you work it out-or you could even pop in store with a photo of the area!

2.     Choose a Style

Now this is where our clients heads start spinning-there’s so many lovely styles to choose from it’s hard to know what will suit your home best. Here’s a quick look at each to point you in the right direction.

Roller Blinds: An affordable option for informal spaces such as home offices. Made from fabric that has been treated or stiffened, and operated by a spring mechanism or beaded side controls. Probably the plainest look although interest can be added by using a patterned fabric.

Roman Blinds: Give a formal, uniform look. Made from fabric and operated by a pulley to gather the fabric into neat folds at the top of your window. They can be made from pretty much any fabric so can be completely tailored to suit your home and provide an area of interest through the fabric choice.

Venetian Blinds: Becoming more and more popular, they give a modern sleek look. Made with horizontal wood or aluminium slats that can be tilted, raised or lowered to let in as much light as you want. They were once only seen in kitchen and bathroom areas but are increasingly             incorporated into living areas as they can be adjusted to filter light levels. Good at providing privacy while still letting light through.

Vertical Blinds: Ideal for floor to ceiling windows so are often used for French Doors and in conservatories. These consist of vertical strips that can be tilted or drawn using a chain control. Slats can be tilted to let in more or less light, or pulled back to the side. Again, good for allowing light through while providing a level of privacy,

3.     Choose a Material

Obviously, this is going to depend on the style you settle on whether fabric, metal or wood is going to be used. However, don’t just let the style determine your choice of material. For example, wooden venetians are a no-go in areas with a lot of moisture such as a bathroom, the wood will quickly begin to bow and possibly snap due to it absorbing the water in the room-go for plastic or metal instead. Talking of bathrooms, you want to avoid delicate fabric blinds here due to the dreaded issue of mould-stick to materials you can easily clean or have special coatings to protect them in damp atmospheres. Think about where your blinds are-are they in high traffic areas such as kitchen work surfaces-do you need to be able to clean them or can you go wild with your fabric choice safe in the knowledge they won’t get ruined?

4.     Light and Privacy Requirements

How much privacy and how much light control do you need? Your answer will affect your style choice. 

Venetian blinds are the perfect solution for general living areas because they put you in control of your light and privacy needs. Too much or too little? Simply adjust the angle of the slats: the cord/wand operation will tilt the blinds at the desired angle for full light and visibility, or complete privacy and a dark room. For a bedroom, fabric block-out blinds are a popular choice, as they provide a dark room for a good night's sleep.

Our interiors team are armed with decades of experience to aid you in making decisions on all things curtain-related. We also offer free advice and measuring service to guide you through the process, pop in or give us a call to see how we can add the finishing touches to your home!

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