White Rose Candles
By News Manager / 18 December 2014 / News

We want to say a big thank you to Mick and Jen White of White Rose Candles who have very kindly loaned us some candles for our Christmas window display. We think they look fab! Mick and Jen have been making candles since 1971 and moved to their current location, the old watermill in the village of Wensley, in 1978. Their workshop building was originally a 19th century water mill (the wheel still exists), and historical mills have been recorded as being on the site since 1203! Visitors to Mick and Jen’s workshop are able to watch the traditional candle making - including the original dipping and casting methods - as well as interesting modern alternatives. White Rose Candles are made from either bees wax or paraffin wax, and Mick has both designed and made some of the candle equipment which is used to make some candles using newer, modern methods. Candles are made in a large array of shapes, sizes, colours, and perfumes, and are available to mail order within the UK. For more information please look at their website, at www.yorkshirenet.co.uk/craftgde/whiterosecandles

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