Get to Know Teddy!
By Emma">Emma / 10 June 2019 / News

So it’s been a while since we gave you a look behind the scenes at who is busy keeping Milners going day to day. Once a month we’re going to be posting a team blog focused around getting to know an individual or team who are crucial in ensuring Milners continue to provide products and services you all know and love.

So what better way to start than an introduction to Teddy? He may not be human but he’s a huge part of our team…coming to give us a cuddle when we may need one and greeting customers to make them feel welcome in our lovely store. We let Teddy loose on a keyboard and this is what he came up with:

Hi everyone, for those of you who don’t know me I’m Teddy-a 3.5 year old Labrador cross.

I have all of the Milners team in the palm of my paw-it’s easy, give them ‘the big brown eyes’ and they’re like putty (though I prefer tuna to putty)!

I got the position here as ‘Top Dog’ through my dazzling C.V. I included friendliness, defiance, rebellious, charming & cheekiness as my main personality traits, I thought best not to include the ability to whip a biscuit from under your nose, quicker than you can say ‘WOOF’!

With my besties- Mac, Bodie & Alfie, I love nothing more than games of Zoomies & Fetch! I’m pretty good at training my human minions to play Zoomies too!

My favourite past times are walking, swimming, rolling in anything smelly, charming- basically anyone I can, going for runs with mum & dad and cuddling. Though, above all of this, my ball is what makes me happiest! I love it when I lose it or someone throws it for me- my tail goes bonkers, my legs speed up, it’s just THE BEST, I’m a ‘DOG POSSESSED’!

Other passions are road trips. Once, when I first became Master Garrard, we travelled to Wales. It was the best adventure! It was there that I discovered my adoration for tuna & peanut butter! DELICIOUS!

If you’re in Leyburn, please pop into Milners for a cuddle. Just ask for the ‘Top Dog’. I’m a flasher dresser when I put the effort in, so might have one of my coats on, just for you. If food’s up for grabs, I’ll even roll over!

Keep your eyes peeled for next months Team blog from one of our human team so they can let you into their daily lives here at Milners!

P.s We couldn't not add some snaps of Teddy! He's adorable as we're sure you'll agree!


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