Our Stairway Makeover!
By Emma">Emma / 18 June 2019 / News

We’ve been giving our lovely shop a bit of a refresh in the last couple of weeks! We’ve been inspired by some of the gorgeous work by Outhwaite Rope Makers and decided to add a beautiful bannister rope up our staircase, paired with a new Little Greene paint shade and new carpet!

We’ll be revealing our makeover as soon as we can over on our Facebook and Instagram and we can’t wait to show you! The team all put their heads together to decide on what the final look should be to show off our new bannister.

So what did we go for? For our wall paint of course, we went for our beloved brand Little Greene. This shade is Clay-Mid in Intelligent Matt.

For our carpet we needed something hard wearing-we’re always running up and down the stairs helping customers so it needs to last. However, we also wanted something which was easy on the eye and lovely and soft for Teddys little paws-as many of our customers will know he often hangs out on the stairs until he’s given permission to go down and say hello! We opted for a shade from the Brintons Abbotsford range-Heather Kilgour and we love it!

And finally of course the star piece-the bannister rope! We have had the pleasure of working with Ruth from Outhwaite Rope Makers, a family run business based in Hawes. After scouring the huge range the company offer we went for a Poly Help rope complete with a knot at each end held in lace with 7 chrome brackets. We love how it looks! We’re now keeping samples of ropes available here at Milners and we can happily put you in touch with Ruth who will help create your perfect design!


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