June Fashion Picks
By Emma">Emma / 26 June 2019 / News

As we near the end of the month it’s once again time to bring you our favourite fashion picks for the month!

June has just been miserable so as much as we’ve wanted to crack out the sandals and dresses we just haven’t had chance! So this month our collection of socks have gone down a treat as people are on the hunt for pretty birthday gifts that aren’t going to go to waste due to the lack of sun. This selection from Seasalt are made from Bamboo so make for a great sustainable fashion choice. So why choose bamboo socks? Here’s just a few reasons:

1.     Bamboo grows much quicker, with less water & without pesticides, compared to cotton, making it a more sustainable option.

2.     It has natural antibacterial qualities to it.

3.     Soft & luxurious on the feet.

4.     Aids elimination of foot odour.

We stock these socks in a range of designs so you’re sure to find the perfect pair!

Now for those sunnier days we have the Sun Terrace Sandal. The air soles with soft padding ensure you stay comfortable all day. Whether it be for a day at the beach or when you’re all over the place, crossing jobs off your list. They’re lightweight too so they’re ideal to pop in your suitcase for your summer break away.

Next on our list are Seasalts ever-popular scarves, whether you’re looking for a floral centrepiece or something more understated the collection has plenty to choose from. We really like the Vintage Blooms Diver then the Poseidon. Both are made from cotton and modal. Modal is a strong material which is fantastic at retaining it’s shape and colours. This means it washes well so is a more sustainable option than just cotton alone.


Finally we have the ‘To The Lighthouse’ bag, made from Jute which is an organic material which is biodegradable, recyclable and strong. We love this bag as it’s so versatile-great for a day at the beach or just popping to the supermarket to stock up on BBQ supplies!

We love all of the pieces we stock from Seasalt and these are just some of our favourites but we love the brand even more for their efforts to make sustainable material the norm in the fashion world.

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