August Fashion Picks
By Emma">Emma / 26 August 2019 / News

This month, we're celebrating the 30th anniversary of Joules, established in 1989. The commemorative, limited edition collection is inspired by country heritage and a love of colour, giving their classic style a breath of fresh air.

We'll start with our favourite which is definitely the 30th anniversary Coast Cam Floral bag. If you need a bag that is comfortable to carry, looks good and has a multitude of storage options- this is it! To start with it is made up with a gorgeous navy, true to Joules, floral fabric. It has 2 carry handles & 2 striped canvas shoulder straps. At the front an easy-access zipped pocket, on both sides, more pockets and for items that require more secure storage, a zipped pocket at the back. The inside is lined with a vibrant, contrasting stripe created with an abundance of smaller & zipped pockets for tissue, pens, the kitchen sink and all of your other worldly possessions! Obviously made for British weather, as it's shower proof! We LOVE this bag!


Next up is the Anniversary Floral Harbour Print long sleeved jersey with the 'Joules style' mix of stripes & floral. With so many colours to choose from in this top, it has loads of potential for mixing & matching. Definitely an everyday staple.


The Tweedle Pheasant key ring makes both a great gift or an accessory you can use to jazz up your bag or keys. The pheasant is iconic to the Joules designs & plays a big part in country life so we thought very apt. Also, a good representation of Joules- colourful, fun & entertaining!

Lastly we've picked out the Wensley Printed Scarf, a navy floral with border. Scarves are an effective and easy way to add colour, warmth and interest to outfit. The beauty of this scarf is the spectrum of colours. Pair it up with a more neutral outfit or pick out 1 key colour from the scarf & your clothes to give your whole look some pizzazz!

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