Heyland and Whittle

Heyland and Whittle

By Anonym / 29 November 2016 / News

Heyland and Whittle about them and their Christmas stock!

Heyland and Whittle is a company created by a husband and wife team Paddy Heyland and Ursula Whittle, they joined their names together to create ‘Heyland and Whittle’ back in 2003. The logo they have is the Heyland family crest and dates back to the Battle of Waterloo!

It’s a ‘quality soap and home fragrance manufacturer’ based in England, inspired by their original location on a farm...



By Anonym / 22 November 2016 / News

Will Cinders make it to the ball and dance with Prince Charming before the clock strikes midnight?

Ohhhhh no she won’t! ….. Ohhhh yes she will!
Who doesn’t love a good panto at Christmas time?!

Well one of our team is in the Wensleydale Music and Theatre Group performance of Cinderella this year, can you guess who??

Tickets are now on sale to go watch the performance at Hawes...

First Aid Course at Work

First Aid Course at Work

By Anonym / 18 November 2016 / Archived Blog

My first ever First Aid course!

On Tuesday 1st November I went to do my Emergency First Aid at Work course, it’s normally a 3 day course but was all put into one day based on accidents, injuries and any other problems that could occur around work.

The day involved many different topics and learning many new skills!I enjoyed the course and was happy to take part, I’m now the qualified first aid trainer...



By Anonym / 15 November 2016 / News

We're Haberdashery mad!

With our Haberdashery department becoming so popular we have lots of new things that have come in and we would love to see some of your amazing crafts and creations you have made!

Send us a picture or pop into store!

We’d love to see some of the final designs you have all created!

Teddy's how old?!

Teddy's how old?!

By Anonym / 13 November 2016 / News

Teddy is 10 months old today, how fast has that gone?!


10 months on and he’s still coming to work almost every day but is still enjoying his rides out with Keith and visiting some of our customers!

Whilst making sure everyone is giving him attention every day and keeping us on our toes, he does love a cuddle and play on lunch breaks.

After having his first experience in the snow last week...