Sanderson New Collection

Sanderson New Collection

By Anonym / 21 August 2017 / Interiors

Sanderson’s New Collection!😍👀😍👀

“Inspired by country farmer’s markets, natural wildflower gardens and the humble garden shed” The Potting Collection was created! Sanderson celebrate the British love of kitchen gardens and rustic allotments this nostalgic, hand-crafted quirky collection.

Each design has been hand-drawn or created with hand-printed techniques in a pleasant Potting Shed colour palette. “Rich tones of Brick, Barley and fig...



By Anonym / 17 August 2017 / Archived Blog


Well with the weather we have been having recently you'd think it was Autumn! So whilst we've been dealing with our very British Summer, I took some time to have a look through Pinterest and get some fashion ideas that have been in for a few years now and are so easy and simple to re create and if you are the type of person to keep up with the latest fashion trends then you can just add some of the in style colours and make it look brand new...



By Anonym / 11 August 2017 / News


"Is that more craft stuff, don't you have enough?"

Pfffft! You do not need that type of negativity in your life, here at Milner's we are more than happy to help you with your craft addictions!

Pop in store today and see what we have to offer!



Elle Jeans

By Anonym / 8 August 2017 / Archived Blog


Finding jeans that fit well is a challenge every women can identify with, that's why we love this guide from ELLE!:

Rach Cushions

Rach Cushions

By Anonym / 5 August 2017 / Archived Blog

It's creative o'clock!🎨✂🕰

Some of you might remember the gorgeous dachshund fabric Carolyn had got in, but you would have had to be super quick as it didn't last long.

Rachael managed to get her hands on some and make a lovely cushion for her friends and let me take a photo to share with you all.

How amazing is that?! I love it!!