Carolyn becomes a foster mum … but not to a human!

Carolyn becomes a foster mum … but not to a human!

By Anonym / 10 November 2016 / Archived Blog

What is the charity called where you fostered your dog from?

Santerpaws, it’s based in Bulgaria but is ran by a British women, called Justine.

What is the gender of your dog and what is its name?

It’s a girl called Meggie, she’s 2 years old.

She was a chain dog and has had 3 litters of puppies.

How has she settled in at your home?

Very quickly! She soon...

Visit to Purple Creative!

Visit to Purple Creative!

By Anonym / 2 November 2016 / Archived Blog

My First Visit to Purple Creative

On Tuesday 12th October, I went and visited the Purple Creative Studio who help run our social media accounts.

When I got there I met Scarlett and Sarah who introduced themselves and were very friendly!

They explained to me what their job is and how they help with Milner’s; they’re the web design, marketing, and graphics team, which help us with our Website, Twitter,...