Mother’s Day at Milners 2023

13/03/2023 Accessories Latest News
Mother’s Day at Milners 2023

Mother’s Day is nearly here, and you know what that means… time to start dropping some not-so-subtle hints about what you might like as a special treat to celebrate you!

We have lots of gorgeous gifts in-store and online, and for us this Mother’s day, it is all about self-care…

BEAM clay face masks

We carry a range of BEAM clay face masks to suit all different skin types. 

Revive - This mask uses French green clay and is perfect if your skin needs a post-winter pick-me-up. The cucumber and aloe vera are great for soothing and as an added bonus have pore-tightening properties.

Glow - Rich in silica and made using French pink clay, the Glow mask is there for when you want to shine - literally. We know that the glazed-doughnut skincare look is in and with the help of rosehip and vitamin C this mask will leave your skin feeling soft, plump, and youthful.

Rescue - This mask is skincare - SOS - there for when your skin is feeling dry and dull. Chock full of skin-loving potassium, silica and magnesium all of which draw impurities from the skin and help to lock moisture in.

Calm - British kaolin clay and green tea are combined to create Beam's Calm Clay Face Mask. This should be top of your list if you have extra sensitive skin as it offers a gentle cleanse without causing irritation. Rich in antioxidants, expect post-cleanse soft supple skin.

All BEAM masks come in an eco-friendly woven bag with a small wooden spoon that is great for mixing the mask and for application.

The Yorkshire Candle Company tin candles

Carrying on our theme of self-care (as a busy mum, you deserve it!) we have a selection of gorgeously scented candles from TYCC.

Chocolate Orange
Whoever first discovered this winning duo, we salute you! The combination of decadent chocolatey aromas with a burst of citrus is perfection. The tinned design means no dripping wax and a longer-lasting burn.

Fresh Ont' Line
Whilst on Mother’s Day you most certainly deserve a day off from washing duty, that doesn't mean you can't take a moment to appreciate that oh-so-satisfying scent of fresh laundry. Described as the smell of clean cotton drying in a warm breeze, we can’t think of a candle we would rather light before hunkering down with a good book.

All TYCC candles are hand poured here in Yorkshire and made using 100% natural and renewable soy wax.

We hope however you celebrate Mother’s Day this year you make time for yourself!

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