Show Someone That You Care This Val(Gal)entine’s Day

01/02/2024 Clothing Accessories
Show Someone That You Care This Val(Gal)entine’s Day

February 14th is on the horizon, and the holiday which comes with it is certainly becoming a controversial one.

There are plenty of people who struggle with the whole idea of Valentine’s Day and wish it wouldn’t come around. But there are  of course others on the opposite end of the spectrum, who delve into the romance of Valentine's Day and use it as a reason to sweep their other half off their feet, with grand gestures and gorgeous gifts.

We’re here to inspire you to use this upcoming day as a way to show a loved one that you care, whether that be a romantic partner, close friend, or a family member who needs their day brightening. 

First up, for a more traditional take on Valentine’s Day, we’ve provided some elegant gift ideas that would pair up perfectly with that bouquet of flowers you’ve got on order:   bc4fa195-c9cb-4221-b8df-da91a734c1d0e8a221cf-b7f5-4bb3-8ba0-70fb331f5311

Alice Rose Jewellery - Charlotte Pearl                                                                                                     Crew - Anais Blouse £59

Earrings £22.95          



                                                                                     Powder - Kimono Gown £86

If you’ve found this past year that a friend has in fact been there for you, more than any romantic partner could have been, why not lean into ‘Galentines’ and use this date to show them that you appreciate their friendship with a thoughtful gift:



          Fable - Zodiac Necklace £27                                                                                     Powder - Silk Scarf £48


                                                                          Powder - Quilted Vanity Bag £22

Finally, if you’re a little hesitant to celebrate Valentine’s Day because you know that somebody you care about can’t wait for this day to be over, then use this occasion to reach out and let them know you love them.  Think handwritten cards and self-care gifts:



Laura Cloughton Design - ‘Just To Say’ Card                                                                    The Kandlers Table - Amber Glass Jar    £3.50                                                                                    Candle £15


                                                                                        Beam - Soap Gift Set £16

If you’re looking to show someone you care this February 14th, pop into Milners where our friendly staff can help you find the perfect gift, or take a look at our online shop!


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