Soap Craft, could it be your new hobby?

Soap Craft, could it be your new hobby?

If our last blog inspired you to consider a new hobby then we have another exciting craft suggestion, soap making!

Soap making might sound difficult, but with Génie Soap soap making kits, they provide all the equipment and materials you need to start creating your own beautiful handmade soaps. The kits come with full, easy to follow, instructions to help you get started and a stylish square mould.

The kits include:

  • The right amount of melt-and-pour soap to make 2 soaps of ~90g (vegan & SLS free, for full list of ingredients see here)
  • 2 silicone moulds
  • Turmeric powder
  • Poppy seeds
  • A glass bottle with lemon & litsea essential oils
  • A long jute string to decorate your soap, a decorative homemade dried lemon slice & a Génie Soaps “Handmade by…” product details card.

Soaps making is an exciting craft and can make wonderfully thoughtful handmade gifts. 

Visit our shop to shop the soap kits and our friendly team is on hand with advice on how to get started.


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