Trending in Interiors, Maximalism style

12/09/2022 Interiors
Trending in Interiors, Maximalism style

As experts in interior design, we are always looking to keep up with design trends and one that has exploded in popularity is maximalism. Don’t worry if you have never heard of this trend, in this blog we break down the influences of this style, brands we think have nailed the aesthetic and how you can incorporate this style into your own interior design!

What is maximalism in interior design?

Maximalism is a style of design that has grown in popularity. It is characterised by bold use of colour, patterns and textures and is an exciting and joyous style of design. Maximalism is all about creating a unique style with unexpected design pairings that deliberately and unapologetically break ‘design rules’. Think colourful and detailed patterned wallpapers, flashes of rich paint tones and plenty of textured textiles.

What are the origins of maximalism design?

Despite its recent surge in popularity, maximalism can actually be dated back centuries with its earliest origins in the 16th century. In the 16th century ‘cabinets of curiosity’ were commonplace in stylish homes. These cabinets included items from around the world and allowed the homeowner to demonstrate they were well travelled - the more exotic the items, the better! The influence of this eclectic style of decorating is one of the hallmarks of maximalism.

In the Victorian times, maximalism reemerged as interiors embraced decorative elements, particularly in the woodwork. The Victorians also loved to incorporate exuberant soft furnishings with ornate patterned rugs and drapery paired to create a decadent interior style. This decadence is evident in today's maximalist interiors.

What brands should I pick for a maximalist design


Voyage are known for their stunning fabrics and wallpapers. Some of our favourites for those looking to achieve a maximalist style are their ‘Country’ inspired pieces. This collection has beautiful floral patterns and bright colours that are perfect for creating statement looks.


Clarke & Clarke

Clarke & Clarke have fully embraced the maximalist trend in their ‘Wedgwood’ botanical collection. The collection features sumptuous fabrics and is one of their most visually exciting collections.

Untitled design (9)

Little Greene

Maximalism is not all about patterns, a statement pop of colour can be achieved with beautiful painted walls. Some of our favourite shades include Harley Green, Bronze Red, Mischief and Smalt. 

How can I incorporate this style into my home?

Whilst maximalism is a trend that embraces the outrageous, we understand that this look isn’t for everyone! That doesn’t mean you can’t include influences of this style without committing fully to the bold style. Some of the best ways to introduce this design style into your home are through soft furnishings, a boldly patterned cushion, bedspread or curtain can add instant maximalist flair to your home. We also love the brightly coloured curtain poles to add a hint of the unexpected which is part of the fun of maximalism.

If this blog has left you inspired then why not arrange a design consultation with our interiors team? We love to help homeowners create their dream interior!

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